Exploring Web-Native storytelling

Story Camp is a free online learning lab where learners can connect live with high profile guest speakers, engage in creative learning activities, and share their progress with others. The summer 2012 class is already enrolled, but you can follow along at home.

Popcorn Story Camp starts with a six chapter toolkit that contains videos, projects, templates, visuals and readings that will walk you through the process of creating a web native film. By the end you'll be ready to start hacking your own projects.

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History in These Streets

created by BAVC

A hybrid walking tour / oral history project using Popcorn.

Cultivating Community

created by BAVC

A look at urban gardening in West Oakland, using maps and project b-roll.

Creative Growth

created by BAVC

Answer some questions about what inspires you to customize your viewing.

Visions of Students Today

created by this guy

Collage video remix shows student perspectives on modern education

The Sights and Sounds of #Storycamp

by Jacob Caggiano

July 9th

What happens when you show dozens of teenagers how to grab anything off YouTube...[read]

Understanding Media Literacy using the Bechdel Test

by Taysia

July 25th

For those of you who may have never heard of the Bechdel test, it tests the feminist quality of a movie...[read]

Gender Remixing in Legoland

by Zoe Banks

July 6th

Yesterday I had the opportunity to hear Jonathan McIntosh (of Buffy vs. Edward: Twilight Remixed video fame...[read]

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